Purpose of using social media

The first step before going into more technical matters, you should first define your goals. Find out the exact purpose why use social media, is it used as a promotional medium. It is important to consider all these objectives from the start because later the management will be clearly different. It is highly recommended to focus on one goal so that your social media marketing strategy is easier to manage.

Knowing your target audience

Find out who is the target audience. Because each target audience has different desires when using their social media and cannot be equated. You can see what your audience wants by knowing keywords from social media. If the target audience is well recognized then you can determine the most appropriate action for promotion. If you are still having trouble determining the audience, you can use the 5W + 1H concept. With this concept, at least it can help you determine the target audience more precisely and definitely. - Who they are (age, title, salary, gender and location). - What you are interested in (educational content, product information to entertainment content). - Where is the media commonly used (Instagram, Facebook or other social media). - Why the content is in demand, such as to be healthier, up to date and more. - How to consume content, (eading social media posts, watching videos or others).

Decide which platform to use

If you have determined who the target audience is, then the next step is the social media marketing strategy. You must determine what media will be used to market products or services. First, identify the advantages and disadvantages of each social media so that its use is more appropriate. Several options that can be used such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Email and others. Do some simple research to determine which option best suits your target audience. For example, considering age and gender, it is known what media is often used. For example, if you have a frozen food business with a target of housewives, you can use Facebook and Instagram media. Preferably the content is an image